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Rtench provides Pogo Pin, Pogo Pin connector, female connector, magnetic connector, SMT Contact Pads (Point) and hardware turning parts and other high-reliability and high-precision Pogo Pin connector and supporting component product solutions, which are very suitable for frequent insertion dial (demolition), high current transmission, electrochemical corrosion resistance, IPX8 waterproof and ultra-thin and ultra-fine electronic products are required for demanding applications.

Each Pogo Pin connector of Rtench has been designed and verified by a team with more than ten years of research and development experience, proofed and verified by various harsh experiments. It can be mass-produced, from the most basic parts (needles, springs, needle tubes and plastic parts) to the molds used for assembly and testing of finished products, Rtench implements independent design and precision processing and production to ensure that high-quality Pogo Pin connectors with stable contact elasticity and extremely low contact resistance can be obtained, and problems can be solved more quickly.

Rtench's multiple innovative product solutions and over 2000 standard products accumulated over the years not only allow design engineers to quickly find suitable Pogo Pin connectors and supporting products, but also save you project development time and cost and improve product competition. At the same time, in order to meet the needs of various industries, Rtench can also customize and design products according to your special needs.

Structure of Pogo Pins

  • pogo pin component
  • pogo pin connector
  • Pogo Pin Internal Structure and Current Chart

    Pogo Pin Internal Structure and Current Chart

    Needle oblique tail structure ( standard products can pass 2A current )

    • The tail slope structure causes the needle axis to deviate to generate lateral force.

    • The lateral force provides good and stable contact between the needle surface and theinner surface of the needle tube.

    • At the same time , using the principle of current conduction to a conductor with low resistanceand goovity , the current is mainly conducted through thehe needle tube.

  • Built-in steel ball structure

    The gold-plated steel ball makes the surface contact area larger for better performance and can pass more current. According to the size , the material and the electroplating are different, the current can pass 5A, 10A, 15A or more.

    Built-in steel ball structure

High-quality Raw Mateial Used on Rtench Pogo Pins

Imported raw materials and vacuum electroplating technology, mature and stable electroplating process make our pogo pin more resistant to corrosion while obtaining stable low resistance.
  • First

    After nickel plating, the surface is matt silver.

    Nickel Plating (Ni)

    After nickel plating, the surface is matt silver.
  • Second

    After electroplating Gold. the surface is golden yellow.

    Electroplating Gold (Au)

    After electroplating Gold. the surface is golden yellow.
  • Third

    Precision lathe processing parts, material brass color.

    Before Plating

    Precision lathe processing parts, material brass color.
  • Pin Connector Vacuum Electroplating Process

    Mature and stable vacuum electroplating process, as excellent as the electroplating of very thin blind holes, the inner hole is golden and bright

  • Vacuum Electroplating Process For Pin Connectors

    Mature and stable vacuum plating process to obtain stable and extremely low contact resistance

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