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Alienware Computer is a brand of the American Dell Company. It is a product developed for game enthusiasts and has very high experience requirements. Today we will dismantle the Alienware AW2521 24.5-inch IPS 240Hz high refresh e-sports screen gaming monitor, focusing on how it uses the pogo pin connector.

Pogo Pin Connector For Dell Alienware

Pogo Pin connectors are widely used due to their long life, large conductive current and convenience for equipment disassembly and maintenance. It can be seen from the hardware baffle of the base that there are 7 model numbers engraved on it, indicating that this structure is used in 7 models. on the product.

Pogo Pin Connector for DELL's Alienware Display

This time, Dell design engineers used a male-female connector. The 4-Pin Pogo Pin connector is fixed on the base of the monitor, and the female connector that plugs into it is a smooth gold-plated small plate. The gold-plated color is relatively dark. The gold plating is relatively thick and the materials used are very particular.

4 Pin Pogo Connector For Dell Alienware

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