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Pogo pin is also called a spring pin. The simplest pogo pin structure is composed of three parts: pin (Plunger), tube (Tube), and spring (Spring). The needle and tube of the pogo pin are generally made of brass. In special cases, stainless steel is also used. The material of the spring is stainless steel.

Functions and Applications of Pogo Pin   

The main function of pogo pin is electrical connection. It is generally used to transmit current or signals. It is used in a wide range of applications, ranging from space shuttles and high-speed rails to smart watches and Bluetooth headsets.   

Bluetooth application: What are the characteristics of the pogo pin connector when used on Bluetooth headsets? 

  1. Small size: Wearable devices are focused on small size, so the pogo pin charging pin contacts used on Bluetooth headsets require very small size.

  2. Anti-oxidation corrosion: Most sports enthusiasts like to listen to music while doing exercise. Because human body sweat is corrosive, this requires the charging contacts of Bluetooth headsets to be anti-oxidation corrosion to ensure that the pogo pin charging contacts are The points are not corroded by human sweat and do not affect the functionality of the Bluetooth headset.

  3. Be waterproof: Accidental falling into the water and sudden rain are inevitable. At this time, the Bluetooth headset needs to be waterproof. As the charging contact is the only point of connection with the outside world, it needs to be well waterproofed in terms of technology. 

Advantages of Pogo Pin

  1. Movable connection, convenient for disassembly. It is very suitable for some contact connections that require routine disassembly. It is generally used for charging connections, such as the connection between the charging compartment of TWS Bluetooth headsets and the headset contacts.

  2. Structural advantages. Pogo pin can be very small in size and can be used in products with limited space. Especially with today's trend of miniaturization of electronic products, pogo pin can take advantage of this advantage.

  3. Long life, the dynamic service life of pogo pin can be up to 500,000 times, which can be used in products that require frequent plugging and unplugging, such as shared power bank.

  4. For large current, the pogo pin can achieve a current cutoff design of greater than 10A, which can meet the needs of products with large current requirements, such as charging connections for electric bicycles.

  5. High-frequency applications, pogo pins can be designed for high-frequency application scenarios up to 10Gbps, such as pogo pins in Huawei communication base stations.

  6. Low inductance. The pogo pin has a simple structure and a short connection path, so its inductance value is very small. It can be used in some application scenarios that have special requirements for inductors. Pogo pin is a good choice.

What are Pogo Pins Used for

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