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The popularity of TWS true wireless headsets is because they cancel the wired connection, are convenient to carry, and can also meet the daily needs of users for listening to music and making calls. With the advancement of related technologies, entry-level true wireless earphones are already well-suited for these usage scenarios and are welcomed by consumers. Therefore, many manufacturers pay more and more attention to this market.

The disassembled OPPO Enco Air Smart Edition true wireless Bluetooth headset, the headset adopts a bean-shaped in-ear design and is small in size; the chip supports the latest Bluetooth 5.2 standard, supports AI call noise reduction, and connects to OPPO phones with low latency games Mode: The headset can play music continuously for 6 hours when fully charged, and the total battery life is about 24 hours with the charging box, which is a good product.

Pogo Pin Connector for OPPO Enco Air True Wireless Headphones

Pogo Pin Connector for OPPO Enco Air Wireless Headphones

Pogo Pin For Oppo Enco Air Smart Edition True Wireless Bluetooth Headset

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