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At the CES2020 held at the beginning of this year, the audio brand Klipsch Audio announced that it has become the official headset and portable audio product partner of the McLaren team, and launched three headset products at CES2020, including two true wireless headsets and one A head-mounted bluetooth noise-canceling headset.

Some time ago, I was fortunate to receive one of the Jiss x McLaren joint T5 II Sport true wireless sports headphones. This product is based on the Jiss T5 true wireless Bluetooth headset and is fully upgraded. In appearance, the T5 II Sport uses McLaren’s papaya orange color scheme. The earphones and charging box have reached IP67 dust and water resistance, and the charging compartment has a unique dehumidification system to keep the earphones dry at any time.

In terms of configuration, Jies said that the T5 II Sport uses a 5mm moving coil unit with a new diaphragm. Users can expect high output and neutral sound; the headset has a built-in Bluetooth 5.0 chip, supports AAC and aptX codecs, and a new one The signal enhances the external antenna to improve connectivity; supports transparent mode, enhances ambient sound, and has a call noise reduction function; headset battery capacity is 50mAh, music life is 8 hours, the charging box supports wireless charging, and a wireless charging board is included. , Built-in 360mAh battery can increase the use time of the headset for 24 hours.

Pogo Pin Connector For Klipsch I Headphones

Pogo Pin Connector For Klipsch Ces2020 Headphones

Pogo Pin Connector For Klipsch Klipsch Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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