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FPC/FFC Connectors
FPC/FFC Connectors
0.3mm/0.5mm/1.0mm Pitch Side Connector
Female Pin Connectors
Vertical Contact & Side Contact, Multiple Pitches and Various Standard Products
Pogo Pin Connectors
Vertical Contact & Side Contact, Multiple Pitches and Various Standard Products

Customize Your Own Rtench Pogo Pin

Rtench has developed more than 2,000 custom products. Our experienced sales staff will listen and suggest you the best connectors suiting your size, shape, spec, and design. We can also provide support to all the different stages in a product's development process.

  • Female Connectors
    Female Connectors Design
  • Spring Loaded Pogo Pins
    Spring Loaded Pogo Pins Design
  • Side Contact Pogo Pin Connector
    Side Contact Pogo Pin Connector Design
  • Vertical Pogo Pin Connector
    Vertical Pogo Pin Connector Design

Pogo Pin Technology -- What Makes Rtench Reliable

  • Mature Spring Design
    Mature Spring Design

    Following extensive research, development, and accumulation, Rtench chooses to use an oval spring structure. The compression force and life of the spring can be precisely determined by precise design calculations. 

  • Mature Electroplating Process
    Mature Electroplating Process

    Through long-term technical exploration, research and accumulation, Rtench has achieved a high quality level in the plating of nickel, gold, platinum, copper, tin, silver and nickel-free plating of hardware terminals, especially in vacuum blind hole plating technology.

  • Mature Structure Design
    Mature Structure Design

    POGO PIN is a very fine probe. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, beautiful appearance, long life, high current and high corrosion resistance, suitable for product structure engineers to design and use a variety of complex structures.

  • Pogo Pin Waterproof Design
    Pogo Pin Waterproof Design

    Rtench uses such waterproof technologies as in-mold injection molding, adding O-rings, dispensing waterproof glue and pin needle hot-melt glue and others to meet waterproof requirements.

  • High-precision Mold and Part Processing
    High-precision Mold and Part Processing

    Rtench insists on independently designing and producing molds and related fixtures. Meanwhile, We have introduced a large number of advanced equipment from Japan and Switzerland to control the accuracy and dimension of every part and mold.

  • Technical Reliability Laboratory
    Technical Reliability Laboratory

    Rtench attaches great importance to the construction of laboratories and continues to introduce advanced testing equipment from Japan. Not only can it meet the relevant laboratory and quality control requirements in the factory, but it can also help customers develop new products.


Why Choose Rtench

Known as Rtench, ShenZhen Rong Teng Hui Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2013 with the primary goal of conducting research and development, designing, manufacturing, and marketing Pogo Pin and Probe connectors. Its purpose is to supply micro-precision connector devices to global electronic companies. businesses centered around technology. With years of technological experience and a strong competitive advantage in the Pogo Pin Probe Connectors market, Rtench will keep offering its clients cutting-edge product solutions in the years to come.

Rtench's factory in Shenzhen covers an area of 3000 square meters. It introduces a large number of advanced equipment from Japan and Switzerland, and strictly implements quality management systems such as ISO9001/IATF16949 to help customers reduce costs and increase efficiency, help customers develop new products, and continue to create value for customers. Customer first, quality first, keep promises, and win the future together!

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What Makes Rtench Competitve

Rtench values our customers of pogo pin connectors and probe connectors, and appreciate hearing how we can improve and better support you in the future.

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    What are Pogo Pins Used for?
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