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Pogo Pins

Pogo Pins are an electronic connector designed based on a spring structure. It is mainly composed of three core parts: Plunger, spring and Body, and is processed through precision molds and precision equipment. assembly. Among them, the contact surface between the needle (Plunger) and the spring is beveled. The role of the bevel design is to ensure that when the Pogo Pins are working, the lateral force generated by the contact between the bevel and the spring is used to maintain stable contact between the needle and the inner wall of the needle tube. The current mainly passes through the gold-plated needle and needle tube to obtain stable and extremely low contact resistance, maintaining a stable and reliable electronic and electrical connection even during frequent plugging and unplugging.

Pogo Pins, also known as pogo pins, antenna pins, pogo pins, conductive pins, pogo pin connectors or Pogo Pin connectors. It is a commonly used component in PCB circuit boards. They can not only be soldered and fixed to the circuit board through SMT/SMD reflow soldering technology, but also soldered and fixed through wave soldering technology. The mounting and soldering methods of these pogo pins provide flexibility, allowing them to be used in a variety of applications. There are many types of Pogo Pins, such as SMD Pogo Pins, Dip Pogo Pins, Rolling Ball Pogo Pins, Right Angle Pogo Pins, High Current Pogo Pins and Higher Life Pogo Pins, etc. In addition, due to their wide range of applications, we have launched a variety of standard models of pogo pins for designers and engineers to choose from. At the same time, we also provide product customization services.

Because Pogo Pins provide a stable and reliable connection, they have become the first choice in the electronics industry, especially when high-frequency plugging and unplugging are required or in environments with vibration. They are also designed so that when components are worn or damaged, they can be replaced quickly and easily, greatly improving the maintenance efficiency and service life of electronic equipment.

Due to their excellent performance and flexibility, Pogo Pins have occupied an important position in the field of electronic manufacturing and are important components in the design of modern electronic products.

Dip Pogo Pin
Dip Pogo Pin
Slope Structure Design: Innovative Approach for Stabler Contact and Lower ResistanceMounting Method: Surface Mount Technology (SMT) attaches components via wave or reflow soldering.
SMD Pogo Pin
Different Types of SMD Pogo Pin
SMD Pogo Pin
SMD/SMT patch type soldering via reflow Mounting a Pogo Pin on the SMT automatic placement device is possible. Reflow soldering produces high-quality and precise soldering.
Double Ended Pogo Pin
Double Ended Pogo Pin
Rtench is a Double Head Pogo Pin manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. Engineers have more options for flexible space modification on board-to-board connections thanks to the Double Head design.
Rolling Ball Pogo Pin
Rolling Ball Pogo Pin
The goal of rolling ball pogo-pins is to eliminate electrical contact issues between moving components. When contacts are changing, sliding, or rotating without any interference from other signals, these unique connections allow for continuous signal transfer.
High Current Pogo Pin
High Current Pogo Pin
Rtench high current spring-loaded pins are the perfect solution for rugged applications and for use in circuits operating at currents above signal level.
Side Contact Pogo Pin
Side Contact Pogo Pin
Adjacent Touch Right Angle spring-loaded pins, often known as spring pins, Pogo Pin connectors, or just right angle pogo pins, are primarily used to link conductive or conductive communications.
Pencil Pogo Pin
Pencil Pogo Pin
The primary purpose of Pen Pogo Pins, also known as spring pins, connectors, or pencil spring-loaded pins, is to connect conductive or conductive signals.

Custom Spring Loaded Pogo Pins

Rtench can manufacture custom pins, receptacles,
or connector assemblies to your exacting-specifications.

Rtench has focused and deeply cultivated the Pogo Pin connector for more than ten years. It has turned customer's 

special requirements, ideas and imagination into reality time and time again. More than 3000 kinds of customized 

product development experience, let Rtench understand your special After demand, we can quickly provide you 

with mature, stable and reliable product solutions.

Custom Spring Loaded Pogo Pins

Rtench Connector Customization Process:

  1. Fill in the custom Pin/Pogo Pin connector application form and send it to Rtench

  2. Rtench confirms the size and performance requirements through email or phone communication

  3. Rtench provides specification drawings (2D and 3D drawing)

  4. The customer confirms and signs back the plan drawings

  5. Rtench provides a quotation

  6. The customer confirms and signs the return price list

  7. Proofing confirmation samples (Proofing period 10-16 days)

Custom Design of Spring Loaded Pogo Pins

custom pogo pin design

Customized Design of Spring Loaded Pogo Pins Assembly (Open Mold for Plastic Part Design)

Rtench provides customized services for special requirements such as waterproof ( IPX7 / PX8 ) high-speed signal transmission, long life, high durability, high current, etc.

  • Vertical Contact Pogo Pin Connector
  • Vertical Contact Female Connector
  • Right Angle Pogo Pin Connector
  • Right Angle Female Connector


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