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  • smd contact pad
  • surface mount pad
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SMD & Dip Contact Pad

  • Installation method: SMT surface mount (SMD) reflow soldering or wave soldering

  • Contact Resistance: 30 milliohms Max.

  • Rated Current: 2A~30A (Continuous Current)

  • Rated Voltage: 36V AC/DC

  • Durability: 10,000~100,000 Times (Reciprocating Motion Lifespan)

  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +120°C (Continuous Temperature)

  • Salt Spray Resistance 96 Hours Corrosion Test

  • High-Precision Mold And Parts Processing

  • A variety of standards are available, and samples will be sent out as soon as the same day.

  • Provide Customized Services

  • Comply With EU RoHS And Reach Standards

Product Details
Technical Parameters
Product Selection Guide

Product Details

SMD & Dip Contact Pads are a type of socket connector, also known as SMD Pads, Dip Pads, Surface Mount Pads, and Through-Hole Pads. They are commonly used as the socket connectors for Pogo Pin connectors and can conduct electricity or signals. The materials and electroplating processes used for SMD & Dip Contact Pads are the same as those for Pogo Pin connectors, ensuring stable and extremely low contact resistance. This stability and reliability in connection are maintained even with frequent mating cycles, resulting in a long lifespan.

Installation Methods for SMD & Dip Contact Pads

1. Automatic placement and reflow soldering using an SMT placement machine

2. Fixation through wave soldering

Both of these installation methods are fast, highly precise, and highly automated, which can significantly improve production efficiency and product quality.


Material & Parts

Surface Mount Pads Type
Through-Hole Pads Type

The vacuum blind hole electroplating technology is known for its superior performance, capable of quickly and accurately electroplating a layer of gold inside and outside extremely fine blind holes. This excellent electroplating process not only ensures the overall aesthetics of the metal surface but also has outstanding corrosion resistance and wear resistance. Both the inside and the outside of the hole present a bright golden color, and there will be no peeling or gold dropping issues.

SMD & dip contact pad sample

By combining mature design concepts, high-precision processing techniques, and excellent vacuum blind hole electroplating technology, we can achieve extremely low and stable contact resistance.

SMD & dip contact pad design

Standard Product

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Technical Parameters of SMD & Dip Contact Pad

Material● Contact Pad:  Lead-Free Copper Alloy
Main Technical Parameters● Standard state:
● Operating temperature: -40~+120°C(Standard)
● Operating humidity: 20-85%RH
● Storage temperature: -10~+50°C
● Storage humidity: 20-85%RH
● Rating voltage: 36V AC/DC(Standard)
● Rating current: 2A/Pin Continuous(Standard)
● Contact resistance: 30 mΩ Max.(Standard)
● Withstanding voltage: 250V AC ,1 Minute
● Insulation resistance: 500 MΩ Min.
● Durability:10,000 Cycle(Standard)
● Working Spring Force:50~180gf(Standard)
Electroplating● Contact Pad: Ni Plating 1.4μm, Gold Plating 0.10μm
Contact Type● Vertical SMD Contact Type
Installation Method● SMT automatic placement machine+Reflow soldering
Environmental Protection Standard● Comply with EU RoHS and Reach standards

Selection Guide of SMD & Dip Contact Pad

Please Note: Please refer to the operation manual for instructions and precautions

SNProduct ImagePackaging MethodInstallation methodCatalog Download

(SMD)Surface Mount Pads

Vacuum Carrier Tape PackagingSMT surface mount (SMD) reflow soldering(SMD) Surface Mount Pads

(Dip)Through-Hole Pads

Vacuum Carrier Tape Tackaging Or Bulk PackagingSMT surface mount (SMD) reflow soldering or wave soldering(Dip) Through-Hole Pads


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