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Google Pixel Buds is the first generation of Bluetooth headsets launched by Google. Its charging box is wrapped in fabric material. There is a lanyard connection between the left and right earphones, and there is a wire inside to transmit audio signals. The earphones look like an in-ear design, but they are half when worn. In the ear-in state, it is a more distinctive product.

Google Pixel Buds has built-in 40 languages and can perform 1-to-1 real-time translation; the headset supports touch operation, long press the headset to wake up the Google Assistant and realize voice interaction with the phone; the headset also supports forward and backward swiping to adjust the volume. And click pause/play, double click to switch to the next song. The battery life of Pixel Buds is 5 hours per use, and the total battery life with the charging box is about 24 hours.

The groove of the earphone is fixed, and there is a Pogo Pin connector for the charging contact. The earphone is attracted by a magnet, and the L/R left and right logos are printed on the magnet.

Pogo Pin Connector For The Charging Contact

Pogo Pins For Google Pixel Buds

Pogo Pin Connector For Google Pixel Buds

Pogo Pin Connector For Earphone

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